The Role of Prevention – Static vs Dynamic Lines

When treating lines and wrinkles with Botox it is important to understand the difference between static and dynamic lines, as this will affect the results you are able to achieve. It is also important to understand the role of Botox in prevention of un-reversible and permanent lines.

Static vs Dynamic

Botox works by clocking the receptors in the muscle that allow for contraction of the muscle. This in turn prevents Dynamic Lines from occurring.

  • Static Lines

Static lines are the lines that occur when our face is at ‘rest’ with no facial contraction or expression.

  • Dynamic Lines

Dynamic lines are the lines that occur when we are using our facial expressions by contracting our facial muscles. For example, when we smile the muscles surrounding our eyes contract and cause lines from the outer corners of our eyes, or when we frown, vertical lines occur between our brows, or when we raise our brows, horizontal lines occur across our forehead.

As we age, our repetitive facial expressions cause the dynamic lines to become permanent, known as static lines. This makes it important to start treating with Botox earlier to prevent these static lines from occurring and becoming irreversible.