Post Dermal Fillers Aftercare

Your Ultimate Guide to Dermal Fillers: Aftercare Instructions

Dermal fillers are a popular cosmetic procedure that can enhance the look of your facial features. If you’re considering getting this done, it’s important to know what to do after the procedure is complete. Post-care instructions should be followed to maintain results and prevent complications!

This article will go over important post-care instructions for dermal fillers, as well as what to expect after your procedure.

Post Dermal Fillers Aftercare

The initial 4 hours post injection are the most crucial, and it’s important to follow up on your aftercare regime to achieve the maximum benefits:

  • Remain in an upright position;
  • Avoid touching or rubbing the area;
  • Avoid make-up to the treated area; and
  • Avoid pressure to the area including facials, face down massage, tight hats or glasses.

For 24-48 hours post-injection, the following are important considerations for you to make:

  • Avoid excessive alcohol;
  • Avoid excessive heat or cold;
  • Avoid strenuous exercise; and
  • Avoid direct sunlight.

These dermal therapies should only be booked two weeks post procedure. This ensures a smooth recovery and provides optimal results:

  • Dermal therapies such as microdermabrasion, chemical peels and laser.

You might experience the following after having a dermal filler procedure:

  • Treatment is immediate however can take up to 14 days to settle.
  • Due to the subjective nature of the treatment, it is not possible to guarantee results.
  • There is a possible chance of asymmetry due to do individualised anatomy.
  • The longevity of treatment results is individualised and can last anywhere between 6 to 18 months.

Here are some of the possible side effects and complications that can result from this treatment:

  • Formation of nodules (lumps) around the treated area.
  • Slight visibility/palpability of the product under the skin.
  • Persistent bruising which may last up to several weeks.
  • Infection, abscess formation or eruption of cold sores.
  • Possible side effects include burning or stinging, bruising, swelling or redness at the injection site.
  • Rare possibility is blockage of blood flow to the area causing pain, coldness, numbing and discoloration. Please contact the clinic immediately if this occurs.
  • Perfect symmetry may not be achievable.

We hope that this article has been both informative and comforting. Remember, it’s normal to have some minor bruising or swelling following the procedure. If you are concerned about any aspect of your recovery process, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on our post-care instructions.