What to Expect at Your Dermal Lip Filler Appointment

So you have made the decision to get lip fillers but you’re not sure what to expect? Sometimes it can be a little daunting getting lip fillers for the first time. This article will cover what to expect during your lips filler appointment and hopefully put you at ease before you step into the clinic for the first time. 

The Consultation Process


The first step of your consult is for us to obtain your medical history. This allows us to keep you safe during your treatment by checking any possible contraindications. 


We will then perform a facial assessment and discuss possible treatment options. This will allow us to develop a treatment plan for this and future appointments. During this time you will also have the treatment explained and any questions answered. 


By law, we require you to complete a consent form for your treatment. We will discuss this form with you, as well as any additional questions, before signing. 


We will photograph your face from all angles as well as with and without full facial expressions prior to injecting. This allows us to compare your results before and after your treatment. These photographs are completely confidential and will only ever be used for media and marketing with full written consent from the client. 


We will apply topical numbing cream to the entire lip area for 15 minutes prior to treatment.


Before commencing treatment, you will be provided with a complete quote of your requested treatment. 


You will then undergo a consultation with the prescribing doctor, who is able to answer any additional questions you may have. The doctor will also write a prescription which will allow for the dermal fillers to be administered. 


The area of treatment will then be cleansed to remove make-up and germs from the area. The sterile field and product will be prepared ready for injecting.


You will lay on the treatment bed with your eyes closed and undergo your treatment. There will be a slight sting with each injection however the entire treatment will be over in around 10-15 minutes. 


You will then be given the after-care instructions and a chance to ask any further questions. 


We will then contact you for a follow up to ensure your recovery is going well and you are happy with the treatment outcome. After 3-6 months it is recommended to attend a follow up consultation to review your lips for further treatment. This will ensure you maintain your desired results.